How to Use a Facebook Fan Page

Posted By on Mar 15, 2010 |

One of the statements I hear most often about social media is “I just don’t have enough time to be involved in social media.”  This is followed by a close second “I don’t see how Facebook relates to my business.”

If offered the opportunity, would any business turn down a free television advertisement?  Why not?  Because the view is that a television advertisement reaches in to people’s homes and can reach a broad population of potential clients.  The truth is that a television advertisement reaches a broad population, most of whom are not likely clients.  The difference is that a Facebook fan page reaches out through Facebook fans to Facebook friends of those fans.  Hence, the Facebook presence has much more authenticity and power because it works like a referral from a friend or an acquaintance, rather than an intrusion on mainstream media.

So how to use a Facebook fan page?

  • Start a Facebook fan page
  • Fill the fan page with photos, events, and high quality content
  • Invite friends and ask employees to suggest the page to friends
  • Regularly update the page with specials and offers
  • Engage with your fans and potential clients as you would at a trade show