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It’s been a while since I took on Kim Wayans as a client, designing her first blog a few years ago.  She had just published her ground-breaking children’s book series Amy Hodgepodge ( about a year prior and was looking for a way to publicize the series.   We decided on the WordPress platform and I custom designed a blog for her using a free theme as the basis.  About a year and a half ago, we redesigned the blog using a bold purple color scheme.  This year, we are re-launching the blog with a more subdued purple-pink color scheme and a few more graphic features that brings the design current.
Kim Wayans' Blog

It’ll be interesting to see her Twitter followers reaction when she tweets the new blog design.  Last time, the launch coincided with her releasing a new professional  headshot with her wearing her hair natural and her fans LOVED the new look -primarily of her hair and how beautiful she looks – but secondarily of her website.  I hope this year’s revision gets the same warm greeting.


You can check out her site’s new look at