Rescue Me!

Posted By on Dec 18, 2012 |

When Riverside Mountain Rescue Unit contacted me, they were using Dreamweaver and making painful, time-consuming edits to their website.  It was a chore to update and only one person in their volunteer organization was qualified to do it.

Since we’ve switched them over to WordPress, they’ve flourished.  They can update the site with missions (yes, real life rescue operations!) to update their families, local supporters, and the local hiking community.  In addition, adding Woocommerce enabled them to steer away from a one-size fits all donation approach with a simple button to Paypal, and now they can offer a variety of monthly subscriptions as well as user-decided single time donation amounts.  This non-profit is going to scale the mountain of success!  The Donate link is easy to find in the top menu, with a simple black text on orange background contrasting design.

Their other wish was a secure member’s area and we’ve achieved that with the Wishlist Member plugin.  Board members have access to private documents (with members’ information, for example) and general members have access to training schedules and meeting minutes, while the general public can browse away on the thousands of missions and rescue operations that RMRU has generated since 1961.  These folks have been saving lives for a long time!

And this site should serve them for a long time to come!Screenshot of RMRU's new website - Mt. San Jacinto pictured